Glencalvie Blended Scotch Whisky 1000ml

Glencalvie, a perfectly balanced, classically smooth blended Scotch was born in an era where the Highland Clearances saw the eviction of thousands of Scottish Highland families from their homes and land. The Clearances, however brutal, did not dampen the spirit of the Glencalvie people. Tenacity kept many of these families alive, and Glencalvie Scotch Whisky was produced to celebrate these remarkable achievements of survival against all odds.
Glencalvie Black is a classic 3-years old blend created by one of the world’s leading Master Blenders. Glencalvie Black’s carefully selected blend of grain and malt whiskies from Scotland’s finest regions, combine to give a majestic nose.
Glencalvie Black is exported from the heart of the Scottish Highlands to the rest of the world, reminding those who savour it, of the indomitable spirit of the Scots, in every sip.

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