Crystal Head Blue Agave Vodka 700ML

Introducing Crystal Head Onyx Blue Agave Vodka, a distinctive expression born from premium Blue Weber Agave meticulously sourced from a single Mexican farm. Encased in a luxurious black-finished bottle with a debossed crest cap, Onyx pays homage to the formidable warrior crystal it embodies. Infused with the energies of intuition, focus, positivity, and protection, Onyx symbolizes a powerful connection to our earth, shrouded in protective energy that allows in no light. Embodying the spectrum’s full range, Onyx, the darker the stone, absorbs negativity, making it a profound and unique addition. Crafted from Blue Weber Agave, Onyx becomes a symbol of the human journey, emphasizing positivity and awakening one’s inner creative spirit. As with all Crystal Head expressions, Onyx is expertly blended with the purest water from Newfoundland, Canada, resulting in a clean and semi-sweet finish. True to Crystal Head’s commitment, Onyx is free from oils, sugars, or additives. Experience the allure of fresh green grass, nuanced white pepper, and subtle citrus notes on the nose. The palate reveals a soft and smooth texture with a touch of spice and sweetness, culminating in the unmistakable earthy embrace of agave. The medium finish echoes the essence of green grass, pepper, and citrus. Elevate your spirits with Crystal Head Onyx—a journey into unparalleled craftsmanship and positive vibrations.

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